Photo Competition 2012

Wind in Mind – a new international photo competition

In the run-up to Global Wind Day on 15 June – the annual day promoting the power of the wind around the world – photographers have been invited to let their imaginations take the lead and show wind energy technology in a new way, in line with the competition title, “Wind in Mind”.

The competition closed on Sunday, 6 May. The six winners, who will receive a €1,000 Amazon voucher or one of five €250 vouchers, will be chosen by an expert jury and announced on Global Wind Day 15 June. Furthermore, the Swedish company Wind in Mind, which designs and produces beautiful and useful products made from sailcloth, will offer each winner wash bags and a matching purse. All the winning pictures will be displayed outdoors in the EU area of Brussels.

The overall winning photo will also become part of an online professional photography collection,, and be published in renewable energy newspaper ‘Recharge’ and in the European wind energy industry magazine Wind Directions.

“I can’t think of a better subject for a contemporary photo competition than wind energy,” said Julian Scola, Communication Director of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), organisers of the Global Wind Day alongside the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). “Wind turbines are an icon: symbols of the fight against climate change, of sustainability, of our modern age. While some people noisily oppose wind turbines there are many others who love them and find them a graceful addition to our landscape”.

Lauha Fried, Communications Director at GWEC, highlighted the global nature of the competition:  “Wind power is an essential source of clean energy in over 80 countries today – we’d like to see photos taken from all around the world and encourage everyone to participate by sending us your best shots. A new feature for this year’s edition is the continental subcategory where a winner will be chosen for each continent”.

The Judges

The judges for the competition are professional photographers and art directors.

Mark Edwards runs the Hard Rain Project, which supports public exhibitions and other communications that campaign for realistic solutions to the interlinked problems of climate change, poverty, the wasteful use of resources, population expansion, habitat destruction and species loss.  The winning photo of Wind in Mind will be have a permanent place in the online photo archive at

Michal Fattal is a freelance photojournalist, based in Jerusalem, Israel. Her work has been published in media such as New York Times, Time Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Berliner Zeitung, Profil, Frankfurter Rundschau, Newsweek, La Razon, Herald Tribune, View Magazine, Brigitte, Gurdian and Foreign Policy, among others. Her work can be seen at

Erik Luntang is a photojournalist with Inspririt, based in Belgium. He has more than 20 years of experience working with international news-agencies, newspapers and magazines. Read more about Erik.

Simon Bogle is the Art director of Recharge, the renewable energy newspaper that will print the winning photograph from the competition.

Terms and Conditions

The competition is closed since 6 May 20:00 GMT.