Global Wind Day Ambassadors

“In a relatively short time frame, the development of wind power has become a booming global industry – one subject to an equally high demand. With the pressure on current world energy resources, and the damage that fossil fuels wreak, renewable energies like wind have a vital role to play in an Energy [R]evolution. With the right support from governments and the energy industry, wind power generation could reach 1,000GW by 2020 – 12% of the world’s electricity. At the same time, investment costs for turbines are forecasted to drop by up to 50%, making wind a very attractive proposition indeed. Reliable and affordable, wind really is key to building a clean-energy future.” Dr. Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International
‘I firmly believe that wind energy can make a major contribution towards greening and cleaning the energy we use. It is high time that, in combination with reducing the amount of energy we use in the first place, we harness sources of energy that are clean, free and inexhaustible. The recent developments in the wind energy sector in Europe are evidence that this can be done if we create the right incentives.’Jeremy Wates, Secretary General, European Environmental Bureau, Ireland
‘The wind would be happy to know that, thanks to it, the world is cleaner and renewed. The wind is good and it loves us. It can be a great friend for people while taking care of the environment and giving us “positive energy”!’Irene Grandi, singer, Italy
‘Windpower has a large potential in Japan, especially in the  north-east. It is useful for the revival from the disaster.’Izumi Ushiyama, President of Ashikaga Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering, Japan
‘IRENA believes that renewable energy is the path to a more secure, reliable and sustainable energy future for all. […] To enable this we must employ all our partnerships, knowledge, and technology to utilise our abundant renewable resources. Wind power, with its geographical diversity and established technologies, is an essential source of renewable energy. IRENA welcomes this global initiative.’ Adnan Amin, Director General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Kenya
‘Wind energy is key to the global transformation from fossil based energy to renewables. But we still need intelligent solutions to release the full potential of wind power. Our Better Place national Danish electric car network is managed through an advanced and integrated software solution that makes us able to offer connected electric car batteries as a resource to balance the grid from variations in wind power production. This makes the electric car instrumental in achieving Danish ambitions to be the global leader within wind energy production – and hopefully sets an example for the world to follow.’Johnny Hansen, CEO Better Place Denmark, Denmark
‘Promoting wind energy is an important task that should be shared by everyone. It is my wish that by working with the municipal government we can achieve the growth of renewable resources, in order to combine and balance development with the protection of the environment.’Jorge Macri, Mayor of Vicente López, Argentina
‘China has a target of developing 150GW of Wind by 2020. It is highly possible this target will be achieved and will hopefully to be overshot by 2020.’Li Junfeng, Secretary General of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA), China
‘The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…” I can add that in Hebrew, the word for wind is “Ruach”, which is also the word for Soul. There is no doubt that there is a soul, and great strength and beauty, in the blowing, caressing wind that is such an important part of our lives. Following the idea that all great changes come from within, from the power of our soul, we quickly come to the conclusion that not to use the wind’s power would be a great betrayal of its beauty and soul, and a wonderful opportunity sadly  missed.’Noa, singer, Israel
‘The winds of change today ~ propel the solutions of tomorrow.’Neal Petersen, Solo Around the World Racing Yachtsman, award winning author, international keynote speaker, South Africa
‘Let’s make wind power fulfil a major role. Offshore windpower is coming as promised.’Dr. Masato Sagawa, President of Intermetallics CO.,LTD. and inventor of Neodymium magnet which is widely used for PMSG wind turbines, Japan
‘I strongly believe that wind energy will be one of the leading technologies in transforming the global energy supply structure towards an emission free sustainable energy future.’Nitzan Horowitz, Israeli journalist and MP, MERETZ, Israel
‘The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects the wind to change, the realist adjusts the sails to the wind you have. Adjusting the sails is my specialty. I do live from the wind and with it; we have great complicity.’Lars Grael, former sailor and winner of two Olympic medals, politician, Brazil
‘After the 3.11 disaster, Japan is ready for a change in the wind ― and it is wind power that can bring back Japan’s “genki” ‘Toshihiko Seko, S&B Track Club and former Marathon runnner, Japan
‘Wind power currently supplies less than 5% of global electricity demand but capacity has more than doubled in the last four years and it’s potential to play an even greater role in the energy mix and the world’s economy is immense. We, like all other parties in the value chain, have a key role to play in protecting the future of this industry.’Mark Potter, Head of Renewable Energy at RSA Insurance Group, UK
‘Henry David Thoureau said “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” This simple message carries with it the seeds of hope for creating the essential changes in our world for the benefit of all species on Earth. When we look at wind turbines, we can see hope and inspiration to create electricity in an intelligent, clean, sustainable manner that will change how our civilization will evolve through this 21st century. Global Wind Day each June 15th is cause for celebration and pride.’Don Ross, Friend of Wind, Milford, Ontario, Canada
‘Wind energy is a resource to save the earth.’Professor Kazuichi Seki, MingDao University in Taiwan and former chairman of JWEA, Japan
‘The biggest challenge we are facing today – which also threatens our tomorrow – is the security of energy. To build a sustainable future we also need the energy resources to be clean and green – and wind energy is one of the most viable options. Wind’s potential extends beyond providing a low carbon energy alternative; it can, and is, contributing towards the creation of millions of green jobs, resulting in significant green development. There is enough wind available to power the world five times over. Wind is the future, and we need to do absolutely everything possible to harness it today.’Tulsi Tanti, Founder and Chairman of Suzlon
‘There is no way for electricity generation that does not produce some danger to environment. To avoid contamination, most countries are making their best to incorporate in the generation mix renewable energies. Of all possibilities, wind energy is the best for the sake of giving to the grandchild’s of our grandchild a chance to survive on this earth.’ Erico Spinadel, President, Argentina Wind Energy Association
‘As a professional Kitesurfer I am completely dependant on the wind for training and income. So as you can imagine I have a deep appreciation for this “movement in the air”. It is a great delight for me to see and experience that wind is not only being used for sport and recreation but also for alternative energy. Many now recognise South Africa, in particular Cape Town, as the perfect destination for these multiple benefits of wind to be exploited to the full.’ Colin Heckroodt, kite-boarding champion, South Africa