Wind energy does not need to be imported. Wind turbines installed around the world replace expensive, unreliable and polluting fossil fuel imports, as well as bringing jobs and cleaner air.

Mid-June represents the moment each year when Europe has used up its own energy and must switch to energy imports.

This is why the annual day for discovering wind energy – Global Wind Day, 15 June – will in 2014 focus on energy independence around the world and how wind energy can help.

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Wind generates enough to cover Denmark’s entire power demand on Wednesday | WindEurope

Denmark produced enough wind power yesterday (Wed 23 Feb) to cover all of its power needs. https://windeurope.org/newsroom/news/wind-generates-enough-to-cover-denmarks-entire-power-demand-on-wednesday/

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Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic

Watch and share this excellent documentary highlighting the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels to renewables. Take action here:..

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Wind could create 2.4 million new jobs by 2030 ! Download GWEC’s newly launched Global Wind Energy Outlook to read about other predictions for..

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Register now for Global Wind Energy Council’s Seminar on ‘Financing Wind Power in Argentina’. 25% discount for GWEC members. Seats limited. The..

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WindEurope Summit 2016 | WindEurope Summit 2016

The WindEurope Summit 2016 has an abundance of key European decision-makers including European Commission Vice President in charge of the Energy..

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